Wer seine Wurzeln nicht kennt, kennt keinen Halt. (Stefan Zweig)

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For centuries, totalitarian rulers and, since the 20th century, female rulers, have seized power with the justification of "everything for the common people". And, unfortunately, they always found and find enough simple-minded followers to support them, although history clearly shows that such "revolutions", no matter whether they were carried out by right-wing or left-wing forces, always resulted in the totalitarian rulers becoming and remaining economically outstanding, while the "common people" remained and remain in poverty. On the contrary, the situation of the "common people" worsened because the formerly functioning economies of the countries were largely destroyed with the overthrows, and the profits of the few remaining productive economic enterprises flowed and flow exclusively into the pockets of the totalitarian rulers and their henchmen. Of course, corruption and arbitrariness did not disappear. The corrupt individuals who existed before the "revolution" have been replaced, or at best are being replaced, and the arbitrary rule has greatly increased the opportunities for corrupt "officials" and continues to do so.

With his memorandum "EL PROCESO CONTRA MI FAMILIA", published by Otto E. Bemberg published in New York in February 1951, he created an excellent documentation of the actions of totalitarian regimes using the Bemberg family as an example, which makes it clear that even very wealthy and extremely influential families have no chance against such destructive forces, Especially when this family denies the "third-rate actress" (Evita Perón - the woman behind the "revolutionary" Juan Perón) the recognition she believes she deserves as "First Lady" of Argentina, and from then on pursues this family with its vengeance, incited and supported by Hitler's fascist system in Germany, to which the family had also refused any cooperation or support.

Unfortunately, to this day, after more than 70 years, the political successors of the Peróns still have the country "firmly in their grip" and it is still evident, more than 70 years after the "revolution" in Argentina, that a country that is actually rich in arable land and mineral resources and has great economic potential remains in poverty when a selfish, totalitarian-oriented regime remains in power (even if the "power games" are much more subtle today).

Note: The memorandum was retranslated as part of the creation of the "Genealogy of the Bemberg Family" v4.